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Business Analysis and Consulting

The first phase of all projects is business analysis and consulting. Whether your project is a simple 5-page marketing site or a complex web application, concrete objectives must be set and achieved, and that"s where we start. Axxiem's business analysts talk with you to understand your business and how best to design your new site or application to achieve real, bottom line results. It is essential to define key business objectives, the target audiences and their objectives, motivations, etc. All of this is done during this analysis and consulting phase.

To achieve your business objectives, the website does not need to address or appeal to all audiences — just your target audiences. The better we understand their goals and objectives, the better we can design their website experience. It sounds like a lot of work; in some cases it can be. But you will know if we did our job right — the results will speak for themselves.

Some simple guidelines we follow:

  • Focus on the end user's intention, whether it's performing a task, researching information or buying a product.
  • Plan the action that you want users to take and tell users what they need to know in order to take that action.
  • Ensure that the site provides clear navigation paths for visitors who know exactly what they want. Design similarly clear paths for visitors who are not as sure what they are looking for.
  • Prevent confusion by ensuring that the site is consistently designed from page to page.
  • Design multiple channels; ensure that the site offers more than one way to find what visitors are looking for.