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e-Commerce Website Design

Getting visitors to your site is only part of what we do. For E-commerce sites, we work closely with you to design a user-experience which will maximize completed transactions. Because when it comes to E-commerce sites, what counts are sales - not just number of hits.


"Sixty-nine percent of shoppers do not appear to be concerned with the lowest price," said Graham Jones, director of new accounts at PriceGrabber. "Product quality and customer service are also important." (Source: searchenginewatch.com)


From helping to define and understand the business objectives of the application to designing a solution that works and is engaging to its users, whatever the need, Axxiem works with the client to design and develop a custom solution that is tailored to their individual needs.


From product selection, cart design and action, to credit and pay-pal transactions, we'll make sure that shoppers complete their transactions and have a happy experience to talk about.