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»Client Approval Process

Before any Axxiem site goes to production, demo screens are created for the client to review. For projects involving any sort of application functionality, a Functional Specifications Document (FSD) is written to accompany the mock-ups. This is especially important for highly functional sites, including ones that have extensive administrator tools or content management systems. Biotech Ecommerce

We mock up each of these screens and place them on one of our demo servers. Then we walk the client through using online meeting tools. Again, this allows all necessary members from the client"s team to be involved. This saves client time and ensures that there are no surprises when the site is actually delivered.

Clients are given a login and password, which they can use to log in to AxxiWEB. AxxiWeb allows a client to see the latest version of their website. They can watch their vision grow from a wireframe diagram into a fully-functional website. By giving the client hands-on access to their site, we can ensure that they receive the product that they want.

Every site is going to have issues during design and build. That is the nature of software development. The difference at Axxiem is that we have the tools in place to manage the project and ensure that every issue is addressed appropriately. Every single bit of feedback we get from the client, as well as all test team issues, go into AxxiTRAC (our bug tracking system), prioritized and addressed. Whether a "major" issue or a minor "tweak", all issues are tracked, managed, and cleared before the site is released.

From helping to define and understand the business objectives of the application to designing a solution that works and is engaging to its users, Axxiem works with the client to design and develop a custom solution that is tailored to their individual needs.