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Top Axxiem Video Productions

The growth of video on the web has been fast and furious and almost no site is developed these days without the need for some video content. Axxiem's AxxiMEDIA Group can provide end-to-end video production services, including multi-camera shoots, original music (if necessary), still product shoots, etc.

AxxiMedia can also create professional-grade training videos. Cygnus Technologies asked us to create tutorial videos for their employees and clients. This task involved a highly technical and specialized subject, which demanded high-quality videos and editing.

Cygnus Training Videos

Sample Treatment Procedure

Protein A:
Sample Treatment Procedure

Washing Technique

Washing Technique for
Microtiter Plate

Top Custom Medical Illustration/Animation

Axxiem has broad experience working with our Life Science clients conceiving, designing and developing a broad range of medical animations, stills, and other graphics such as pipelines etc.

Cara Therapeutics Inc.
Animated Pipeline Graphics


Enzyme RX Inc.
Custom Medical Animation

Enzyme RX Inc.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Package Insert Illustrations

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Top Flash and Interactive Media

The Web is first and foremost a visual place. The use of "flash" does not have to mean overwhelming movement on a page. Axxiem's Media team works with the client to develop flash elements that are appropriate to the client and the project, from a simple animated logo movement to a full interactive quiz, we can design and develop the appropriate flash element for the project.

Eli Lilly's Chorus Pharma Group
Flash Animation: Voice Technology Overview

Eli Lilly's Chorus Pharma Group http://www.choruspharma.com/

The Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program
Youth Quiz on The Dangers of Marijuana Use

The Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program


Top Custom Graphics

Axxiem employs talented graphic artists that will provide you with the original artwork to best tell your story, whether they be still graphics, animations, etc.

Top Client Graphics Cleanup

Our design team can work with your existing graphics to "spruce them up" or design and develop innovative ways to tell the story.