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Business consulting is what sets Axxiem apart

At Axxiem, we believe the web should be playing a significant role in business. That is why our first question is about your business objectives, not about technology. Most of our projects involve helping clients re-design websites that were launched without clearly defined objectives. We start by understanding your goals and defining those objectives, and then we design appropriate means to achieve them. The web strategy and customized web solutions are uniquely developed for each client.

Usability principles we follow:

  • Clear value on all pages.
  • Thoughtful, captivating content and engaging graphics.
  • Carefully-crafted pages designed to subtly engage the user.
  • Ease of navigation, including multiple means of arriving at the same point.
  • Limited use of industry and internet jargon. Easily accessible assistance when terminology is employed.
  • Clear functionality that adds to the user experience on the website.

With careful business analysis and smart choices for the technology that is right for your website, Axxiem provides solutions that drive your business toward success in the information age.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression

One of the unique aspects of the Internet Economy is the "insta-click" mentality of its users. Decisions to continue site exploration are made hastily and often with little conscious consideration. We practice the tactic of "immediate engagement." Catch the user's eye. Engage them immediately with a means appropriate to your website and your goals. Thoughtful page design and layout, choice of colors, as well as carefully planned and sparing use of Flash and animation, all those elements contribute to engaging and retaining the visitors so that they stay long enough to begin to get your message.


Get to the WIFM ("what's in it for me") fast for each group of users!

Though the Internet is still in its relative infancy, it is already well understood that the key to success is at least hinting at what your value will be — FAST. Too often, websites begin with the assumption that the visitor knows what the business of the company is. In a brick and mortar world, that assumption might be safe. On the Web, if a user doesn't get that information in seconds from your home page, they're a click away from the search results that brought them there. Thus, the purpose and the vision of the website have to be clear from the start.

At Axxiem, we take the time to design correctly so what the build is effective now and over time.


Please contact Axxiem to learn more about our website design services.