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What sets Axxiem apart from other web development companies? We speak your language, understand your business and know your target audiences. Whether your company is a drug discovery startup, a biotech consulting firm, medical device manufacturer, or an established pharmaceutical company, we are able to devise an appropriate strategy for your web presence.

Axxiem is a leading agency that provides a wide range of digital communication services specifically for life science companies. Our unique expertise derives from our talented and diverse staff who benefit from firsthand experience in the life sciences, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Life Sciences and Healthcare clients include:

  • Aldagen
  • AllCells
  • BERRI Biomedical
  • Biocatalyst
  • BioCure Pharma
  • Biotectix
  • Cara Therapeutics
  • Chorus Group
  • Chorus Premier
  • Chorus Resonance
  • Compassion and Choices
  • Cygnus Technologies
  • Cytogel Pharma
  • Echo Therapeutics
  • Eli Lilly
  • EnzymeRx
  • nContact Surgical, USA
  • nContact Surgical, EU
  • Neurogen Corporation
  • New York Biotechnology Association
  • Nuedexta
  • Pfēnex, Inc.
  • Provid Pharmaceuticals
  • Reagent Proteins
  • Regeneron
  • RoboticProstatectomyNY.com
  • Salem Healthcare
  • Serina Therapeutics
  • StrokeHelpAssociation
  • The Medicines Company
  • Transparency Life Sciences
  • UCC of NY
  • UCC of Monmouth
  • Vanthys


Biotech Ecommerce

Startups in the life sciences are typically led by a small group of people, often the very scientists behind the novel technology or product.

These visionaries are extremely enthusiastic about their work, but they struggle to communicate their stories in ways that engage and excite their target audiences.

Axxiem works closely with each company to first understand the science behind their technology or product and, most importantly, to understand the company's unique value proposition. Then we design the site's appearance and structure to speak effectively and efficiently to the target audiences that can range from healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to investors and media.

Visit our blog to continue reading about the unique aspects of working with life science startups:

The Art of the Biotech Start-up Website.

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Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Corporate Sites

Pharmaceutical Website

Axxiem works with large and small firms. For example, we have helped teams in a large company find their own web presence that is in line with the parent company's guidelines but provides the exposure that their business unit requires.

We have also worked with a mid-size, international, medical device company to establish a distinct web presence for it in US and European markets.

Axxiem's experienced consultants devise a web strategy that is appropriate for each company's objectives and budgets. For all of our projects, we employ creative use of visuals to tell stories for even the most challenging topics, helping our clients effectively use the web to "show" as much as "tell" their company's point of opportunity.

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Biotech eCommerce

Biotech eCommerce

As industries worldwide increasingly reap the benefits of new internet applications, so too does biotech look to e-commerce for solutions to meet its highly technical, industry-specific needs.

However, due to the very nature of products for life sciences applications, the move into e-commerce requires far more care and attention than it would for a less specialized commodities business.

Axxiem's understanding of the industry allows us to consult our clients on appropriate features to include on their e-commerce website to make it a useful tool for customers and a reliable source of business for the company.

Please visit our gallery to view examples of e-commerce sites that we’ve designed and built.

Visit our blog to read more about e-commerce in the life sciences sector:

The Art of the Biotech E-commerce Website.

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AxxiTRIALS is a web-based, fully customizable global portal, designed to save the sponsor time and resources as well as to engage, motivate and inform investigators.

AxxiTRIALS provides a secure and simple way to distribute and track time-sensitive documents and training materials, to share patient recruitment metrics, and to build a sense of a global community among sponsor staff, clinical investigators, and vendors involved in the trial.

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